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Ms. Zoras reading project
Updated: 11/11/2020
Ms. Zoras reading project
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  • Indirect Characterization
  • That is an indirect characterization because it told us indirectly that Zero is mad.
  • "Zero's one weird dude", said ZigZag. Zero said nothing. He just stared at the letter with a serious, almost angry look on his face.
  • Direct Characterization
  • "He didn't have any friends at home. He was overweight and the kids at the middle school often teased him about his size. Even the teachers sometimes made cruel comments without realizing it."
  • That is a direct characterization sentence because it tells us directly that Stanley is lonely.
  • Theme
  • Next to it was another sign which declared that it was violation of Texas Penal Code to bring guns, explosives, etc onto the premises. As Stanley read the sign he couldn't help to think, Well duh!
  • That is the theme because you are talking about Stanley's thoughts.
  • "It causes him stress," said Mr. Pendanski. "I know you mean well, Stanley, but face it. Zero's too stupid to learn to read. That's what makes his blood boil. Not the hot sun." "I'm not digging another hole," said Zero. Mr. Pendanski handed him the shovel. "Here, take it, Zero. It's all you'll ever be good for."Zero took the shovel. Then he swung it like a baseball bat. The metal blade smashed across Mr. Pendanski's face. His knees crumpled beneath him.
  • Conflict Type
  • That sentence from the story Holes is man vs. man so it is a conflict type.
  • Prose
  • That is a piece of prose because the first word in every sentence is capitalized and there are no line breaks.
  • Stanley slowly peeled an onion. He liked eating them one layer at a time.
  • Figurative Language
  • That is an example of figurative language because "like" that is in the sentence is a simile.
  • "Then he swung it like a baseball bat."
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