Hero's Journey Makayla
Updated: 11/5/2020
Hero's Journey Makayla

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I'm Rheticus and I'm here to get taught by you about the heliocentric solar system.
  • Rheticus is a young man. He went to Nuremberg to meet Copernicus and learn about the heliocentric solar system.
  • Ok let me show you around first.
  • Copernicus is showing Rheticus around Nuremberg. 
  • This is The History of City Walls.
  • Rheticus is starting to feel homesick so Copernicus tries to make Rheticus happy. 
  • I miss home.
  • Lets go have some fun!
  • Someone named Aldo from the Catholic Church who doesn't agree with what Copernicus was doing with the heliocentric solar system so Aldo shot and killed Copernius.
  • Rheticus had to keep moving on and work on what Copernicus had started.
  • A couple years later, Rheticus had been successful and still worked on what Copernicus had started.
  • Finally carried on Copernicus's legacy.
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