Mason's Water Cycle

Updated: 3/30/2021
Mason's Water Cycle

Storyboard Text

  • The next week Don was a water droplet and was going to school and a family of deer came up and drank Don and now Don was in a animal. Then the animal peed and Don was out again ya he said in inside. That animal really stank inside.
  • This is nasty
  • So now he was in a animal and after a couple days Don was respired from the animals body and in the clouds. He had a lot of friends He was getting cold again and than he was falling to the ground.
  • So now he is in the clouds and he condenses and falls in the ocean so he feels that he is get hot and hot and now he is evaporating into the clouds again.
  • That was the best dream ever
  • So he condenses and when he is done he falls onto the soil and the he becomes groundwater and evaporates to the clouds.
  • Don condenses and falls into a glacier and becomes snow. Don melts and flows into a river. Finally Don evaporates and rains down and goes into a plant cell.
  • But then he realised that it was all a dream