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Updated: 10/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • On his way home from a job interview, David was bit by a bug he's never seen
  • Soon after he had a terrible migraine and got a fever. Then went to the hospital.
  • While at the hospital the doctors ran a brain scan with alarming results...
  • The neurons located near the back of his brain were firing off rapidly, even while asleep he couldn't lay still
  • They noticed this due to the chemical targeting the cerebellum from the bite mark.
  • While working on a new chemical the professor messed up and made an explosive reaction.
  • This chemical reaction soon entered his brain causing him to collapse, after waking up he felt his brain folding in on itself and saw everything differently.
  • He had an answer to every question he's ever had, at first wanting to sell this new chemical, he was selfish and chose to get rid of humanity.
  • He then scheduled a press conference.
  • While announcing his plant to the world, A man in the crowd caught the attention of the Professor.
  • The Professor then asked to speak with him after the conference.
  • There conversation soon turned into an argument, which then turned physical
  • But then the Professor...