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Updated: 2/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Assignment Day
  • The Blackout
  • In this scene Lina and Doon are getting their jobs. They got Messenger and Pipeworks. Doon got Messenger and Lina got Pipeworks. They were mad and they switched jobs. Lina got her dream job. Doon thought that he could fix/repair the generator. I chose to include this scene because Doon and Lina wouldn’t have traded their jobs. Lina now has Messenger and Doon has Pipeworks.
  • The Hatch
  • In this part of the novel the blackout was seven minutes long. Everything was black and no one could see a thing. This scene is important to the story because it was the longest blackout and was seven minutes long. This was a warning that something bad was coming.
  • Prediction
  • In this scene Doon went to the Pipeworks. He placed tools behind him so he wouldn’t get lost. He found a hatch and tried to open it but it was locked. I consider this to be an important event because if he didn’t find the hatch he wouldn’t have gone to the library to learn about fire
  • I think that at the end of the novel Lina and Doon find a way out of Ember by going through the hatch. They go to a different city and they tell everyone that they found the way out of Ember.