Weaknesses of the AoC

Updated: 10/4/2021
Weaknesses of the AoC

Storyboard Text

  • The congress can't tax citizens
  • We need some money please for roads and armies?
  • Ummmmmmmm...
  • As a result...
  • How about no
  • Ah. They would never!
  • Now we can't build things and make money
  • The congress couldn't regulate trade
  • Lets just hope they don't fight with each other about trade
  • Yeah. I wonder what they are doing right now about it
  • The Aoc said that the congress couldn't tax its citizens, that they could only take donations
  • As a result...
  • Off to sell some peaches with FranceDoo doo doo
  • Meanwhile...
  • We ended up very poor so we didn't have money to do things like build roads and make armies because the states took advantage of this and didn't donate at all.
  • No changes to the AoC could be made without a unanimous vote
  • All in favor of changing the rule of Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah...
  • They couldn't tell the states no. Also they couldn't say no if they wanted the states not to trade with other countries. Or not to interfere with other state's trade. All they could do was watch.
  • As a result...
  • Were never going to be able to change any of these bad rules that the Aoc say so unless we get everybody to agree which is NOT happening
  • I know right. These terrible rules, I guess were just stuck with them. Until we can all agree to change them
  • So if South Carolina was trading their peaches with France but Georgia wanted to trade with them too. Georgia could just sell them to France for a lower price and France would deal with Georgia and South Carolina would get very mad and they would have a civil war.
  • Not if I can help it!
  • No new rules or changes to the rules could be made to the AoC without approval from all 13 states so if one state didn't like the new rule or change to a rule it could not be changed.
  • Aye!
  • Umm I don't like that rule so no
  • The rules would almost never get changed and they were already causing problems with the states because there will almost never be a situation were all the states agreed because they already disagreed a lot.