Updated: 2/4/2020
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The 6 most important events of "Macbeth".

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  • The witches' promises can't be bad... The first one has come true. I am Thane of Cawdor.
  • Why did you bring those daggers here? Take them back and put blood on the guards!
  • I've done it.
  • Macbeth becomes Thane of Cawdor, realizing the witches' prophecy became a reality. He plans to murder King Duncan and take the throne.
  • Macbeth, affected by his wife's opinion, murders King Duncan secretly and hides it by saying he killed the guards that were supposedly guilty.
  • Banquo gets killed by murderers that were hired by Macbeth in fear of his descendants taking the throne from him. Banquo's son escapes.
  • I will soon give you all something to thank you. And I'll bring home those who left to escape Macbeth and his queen.
  • Macduff's wife and children get killed by the same murderers Macbeth hired.
  • Lady Macbeth goes insane and commits suicide.
  • Macduff wins the fight against Macbeth and decapitates him. Malcolm becomes the new king.
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