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Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • hey, Im neptune. and thats pluto over there. people call him a dwarf planet and that mmakes him sad. hes my neighbor!
  • I move sorta slow. it takes 164 earth years for me to get around the sun. and my days are only 16 hours!
  • I have a lot of gravity too! one of the strongest in are atmosphere if it wasn't for Jupiter!
  • i have a atmosphere of hedrogen, heliumm, and methane.
  • did you know that people thought that I was the same color of Uranus! do i look pale blue?
  • mars has a little rover and i hear its a great back massage! I cant have one because i have a ver windy atmosphere
  • it gets really cold here sometimes because im so far from the sun.