Updated: 4/2/2021

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Storyboard Text

  • I am Copperor called CU2 and I'm here to avenge my friend Silverman!
  • I am Rust. Your friend was no challenge to defeat me
  • What are you talking about!?
  • I done a ton of research and found out your power abilities and weakness.
  • I know a your secret......Follow meIf you don't I'll vaporize you with this insavely hot sword
  • . . . .
  • You're melting point is 1357.039, your freezing point (1084 K) and boiling point (2833 K).
  • After countless hours spent here I discovered your abilites properties.
  • Since you're made of copper, I was able to experiment on the element to find your Liquid at (1357 K), solid at room termperature and vapor temperature (16922 K).
  • . . . .
  • Before you kill me tell me why did you kill H20male????He was my sidekick.
  • Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides wiill be relased into the air to eventually forming an acid rain. Eventually it will rain turning into liquid condensate down onto the trees!!!
  • He knew my secret evil plan to destroy the city.
  • Please don't I have to do my chemistry homework on increasing kinetic energy.
  • Now I will use this knowledge to boil you alive follow me into his room
  • This is the reamining of your pathetic side kick.While you are boiled alive I will drink dry ice to help cool me down. Did you know through sublmination it becomes a solid to a gas
  • NOOOOOO, please don't boil me alive im not edible. I don't care about your dumb drink let me live!!