vampires and digital citizens
Updated: 3/10/2021
vampires and digital citizens

Storyboard Description

Elena is getting bullied online by the girls at school about her being different after her parents dying. Stefan befriends her and explains how she can be a good digital citizen and block the girls.

Storyboard Text

  • Elena: I miss you so much mum. They just don't understand
  • Stefan: "Hey, are you ok?"
  • "oh Stefan, the girls at school are sending me mean messages saying that I've changed since my parents died"
  • "Lets go for a walk and talk about it"
  • Elena: "I just want the messages to stop"
  • Stefan: "Have you tried blocking them Elena? and maybe try to set your profile to private."
  • Block Caroline
  • Caroline: "Elena just blocked me"
  • Caroline: "yeh maybe I should talk to her in person"
  • Bonnie: "You need to be careful with what you say online Caroline"
  • Elena: "Ouch my leg", "nothings going right today"
  • Elena: "Well thanks for your help I guess"
  • oh no there's blood
  • Stefan: "I have to go"