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Madi and Izzy's Math Story
Updated: 9/19/2018
Madi and Izzy's Math Story
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  • OMG! Are you like so excited to stand in line for hours just to ride a ride for 2 minutes!?
  • Come on Izzy! Cheer up, we get to spend the whole night with our friends!
  • Jeeper Creepers! Thomas whats wrong?
  • I just got punched in the face by this problem!
  • 1/6d+ 2/3=1/4(d-2)
  • Lets go solve it!!
  • Ok gang, first we have to distribute, 1/4*d, 1/4*-2= 1/4d-8!
  • Next, we have to make all of the denominators the same, 1/2=6/12, 1/4=3/12, 2/3=8/12, 1/6=2/12
  • Then we have to undo addition and subtraction, 2/12-3/12= 1/12d, 8/12+6/12= 1 2/12 Next is undo multiplication and division, 1 2/12 divided by 1/12= 14
  • Great job crew, we solved another mystery!
  • Problem: And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!
  • Now lets go have some fun, I am not in the mood for anymore math stuff.
  • UGG!
  • Worker: How many people do you have, and home many rides would you like to try?
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