little prince last

Updated: 3/18/2021
little prince last

Storyboard Text

  • A sheep-if it eats little bushes does it eat flowers too?
  • OH!I am very busy with matters of consequence!
  • You talk just like the grown-ups!I know a gentleman on a planet who has never done anything really interesting.He just makes calculations and says he is busy with important matters.
  • A new flower! Why is it taking its time to blosssom?
  • But the flower was not ready.She dressed herself slowly and carefully as she didn't want to be like the field poppies.
  • Am I not? I was born with the sun !
  • Oh!you are so beautiful...
  • The day of his departure came ...He tidied his planet with much care.He also cleaned the volcanos because if they are cleaned they don't errupt
  • When he watered his flower for the last time and put her under the glass globe he was very close to tears.
  • I love you... You decided to go, now go!
  • ...
  • Goodbye...
  • Goodbye my flower!