myth comic strip 1
Updated: 12/1/2020
myth comic strip 1

Storyboard Text

  • mom when will i ever see my father
  • one day when you are strong enough to move the rock you will see your father.
  • im finally going to see my father and show him this sord under the rock
  • every one stay calm its time for our sacrifice for the minotaur
  • no more of this father i vow my life to defeat the minotaur and bring peace to our kingdom
  • please be careful my son
  • we shall sail as a crew
  • i shall sail and defeat this beast once and forall.
  • if i face the bull alone and win you must save me and my crew of our lives
  • how dare you just come and ask for peace. you must face the bull
  • sure ill save you, for the minotaur
  • i have defeated the minotaur now my people will be spared and we can sail home.
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