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Science retake
Updated: 3/9/2020
Science retake
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  • By Luke SweeneyThe evolution of a snake species in a forest biome
  • These Snakes, however are the same Species. They both do have different color, and this color is what determines which one will survive. This is am example of Variation
  • The Brown ones are better adapted to their environment, as they blend in. This is an example of an adaptation, or a change in an organism that is diffferent from the rest of its species. As you go through these slides you will notice that the brown snakes survive and reproduce more because they are better adapted. This is an example of selection
  • As you can see there are too many snakes for this biome, meaning that there is little food for each organism and the environment cant provide for it. This is because of overproduction
  • The green snakes get picked off by birds while the brown ones dont because they are more adapted and blend in. This is because of selection.
  • As the green Snakes die off there becomes more food for the brown snakes and since there is more food they reproduce more, and there color will be carried through Dna or Genes, and out number the green snakes. This continues until...
  • There are no green snakes left. All of this is do to Natural Selection
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