African Trade Route
Updated: 1/4/2021
African Trade Route

Storyboard Description

This is the story of the african trade route where they traded gold and salt most of the time.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Do you want some of my gold for some salt?
  • Hm... no thanks.
  • People in africa had to mine and trade salt and gold across a long trail in the biggest dessert; The Sahara Desert
  • Hey! Do you want some of my gold for some salt?
  • Why, Sure!
  • They they traded salt for gold, but the king was so rich from the mines that they started to give out gold to people around their area when he traveled.
  • Phew! It is hot!
  • The king single handedly took the value of gold way down
  • Any other place people would love a bit of gold for a few grams of salt
  • The Trail in the Sahara desert was long and had very few bodies of water.
  • But the trade route was even harder because there was almost always a bandit to stop your journey!
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