Esperanza's Trait Change
Updated: 11/12/2018
Esperanza's Trait Change
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Storyboard Description

Esperanza has some traits that change throughout the book, this is an illastration of one of the changes. In this case, this is trust.

Storyboard Text

  • Get away! No, don't touch her!
  • *Cries*
  • Hello, Esperanza. This is the camp where you will live. You can trust these people.
  • This is Esperanza not letting a little girl see her doll. This shows that at the beginning, Esperanza doesn't trust these people.
  • The first step to making a yarn doll is to wrap the yarn around your hand a bunch of times...
  • This is Juan introducing Esperanza and Mama to the camp for the first time. Juan also tells them that they are safe and that the people there could be trusted.
  • Miss, your mother has improved in health and will be ready to go home soon.
  • In this image, Esperanza has fed Lupe and Pepe smashed plums. Their stomachs started acting bad, so Esperanza gave them rice water. This shows that she trusted what Hortensia did when she wasn't feeling well back at the Ranch.
  • Isabel, take my doll. My papa would have wanted it to be played with, and I am too old for dolls now.
  • This is Esperanza teaching Isabel how to make a yarn doll. This shows she trusts Isabel with the yarn that Abuelita gave her.
  • This is Esperanza finding out that Mama will be able to come home. This shows that she trusted the doctors to do their best and save Mama.
  • This image shows how Esperanza trusts Isabel enough to give her the doll that was one of her only memories of papa.
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