Passive & Active Transport
Updated: 12/18/2020
Passive & Active Transport

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  • No there's definitely a high concentration of people.
  • Is it just me or is it crowded.
  • We always bump into other people.
  • And why is it that all rooms are on the same hall.
  • Okay that's true
  • I don't know do I look like Google.
  • See this is what I'm talking about.
  • Um hmm
  • she probably talks in her sleep
  • why do I use so much energy
  • We just go with the flow of things and waste no energy.
  • you lucky then, really lucky
  • i use ATP every single day
  • who was talking 
  • OMG!!!!
  • Mmhm
  • SERIOUSLY!! Who is talking
  • Someone help us
  • And why do people keep saying they use energy everyday.
  • Does she ever stop talking.
  • *quietly* yeah some of use ATP to go from low concentration to high but what do I know.
  • At least there a low concentration of people here. 
  • I still don't understand
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