journey to the center of the earth
Updated: 6/4/2020
journey to the center of the earth

Storyboard Text

  • Next day
  • Is it still far away?I am tired huftt....
  • .-.-
  • Maybe soon. I guess we only have to walk one more day.
  • I have to succeed on this expedition. It will be a good chance for me
  • Can we rest first and continue the jouney tomorrow?
  • Hmmm... okay then, let's find a place to rest.
  • Yeah, i think we should rest first prof.
  • A few hours later
  • I think we can rest in here.
  • Yess i think so, even though this place is very uncomfortable.
  • Okay, we can stay in here, but only one night!
  • Let's eat Axel, after this we will continue our journey.
  • Good morning!!
  • I should think a way to do an expedition before them.
  • I miss Grauben so much
  • To the right path.
  • Should we go to the left path or right path prof?
  • Hmmm, I still need them for doing this expedition.
  • We can! I'm sure about that.
  • Finally, we arrive at Snæfells!
  • Oh My God! I'm not sure we can climb up on the crater of Snæfells.