Football Practice
Updated: 5/19/2020
Football Practice

Storyboard Text

  • Football Practice!
  • Im Tim!
  • Sam, Tim, and Joe are trying to play catch but they are having a little trouble getting the ball to each other. If Sam threw the ball to Tim 14 ft away and Tim throws the football to Joe 12 ft away at an angle of 15° how far must Joe throw the ball to reach Sam?
  • Its me, Sam!
  • Im Joe!
  • Joe, the smart one, realizes they are going to need to use the law of cosines to figure this one out. He comes up with x²=14²+ 12²-2(14)(12)COS(15). Let's see if he is right!
  • 14 ft
  • 15°
  • 12 ft
  • X
  • I got this!
  • Look we have fans now!
  • With Joe's super calculations they were able to get the ball to Sam! After Joe got the equation he simplified it to x²=15.45 and then was able to figure out that he needs to throw the ball 3.93 ft to get to Sam.
  • We did it!!!