American History: Nathan Cruz
Updated: 11/22/2019
American History: Nathan Cruz

Storyboard Text

  • American History byJudith Ortiz CooferByNathan Cruz
  • Elena lived in a building called El Building were you hear kids laughing and running and people playing salsa music.
  • Wanna come over.
  • Sounds good.
  • Elena would get bullied at school cause there were certain games that she didn't know how to to play. When she´ll mes up the´ll punch her for that and sing songs at her.
  • LEAVE NOW!!!
  • .....?????
  • When Elena was going to school she noticed a boy named Eugene. She tried looking for him classrooms but then found out that he was in honors classrooms.
  • Elena finally ran into him and they both started talking to each other. They then were going to study but was actually going to read at Eugene house.
  • Elena then went to Eugene house knock on the door. Eugene mom then answered and ask who she was. Elena then said that she was over here to study with Eugene, Eugene's mom then said no cause Elena said she lived in El Building. Elena was shocked and left.