Updated: 1/27/2021

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  • Chiron
  • The Centaur
  • Chiron was known for his goodness and wisdom, and many sons of heroes were taught and trained by him, such as Heracles, Achilles, Jason, and Asclepius.
  • One day, Hercules came to visit one of his centaur friends. On the visit, he was very thirsty and convinced his friend to allow him some wine from their stores, which belonged to all the centaurs.
  • Being able to smell the wine, the centaurs were made aware of what was stolen from their stores.
  • They rushed in to attack him, but he was able to hold off the whole mob of angry centaurs. In the battle, he accidentally wounded Chiron, who didn't take any part in the attack.
  • The accidentally given wound couldn't be cured, and instead of living in eternal pain, Zeus allowed him to pass away into the afterlife.