Jean Talon

Updated: 5/3/2020
Jean Talon

Storyboard Text

  • Action: Jean Talon's introductionVoice over: Jean Talon was the intendant of New France
  • Action: The colonists are scaredVoice over: The colonists feared the attacks of the Iroquois
  • Action: Jean Talon is visiting a Farm with habitants in themVoice over: During his life journey, Jean Talon met several habitants.
  • Action: Jean Talon is talking to a person.Voice over: Jean talon was able to build a ship building yard.
  • Action: Jean Talon is telling woman to come to New France.Voice over: He started inviting young an healthy women from the country side who were looking for a better life.
  • Action: ending of presentation, Jean Talon is being thanked.Voice over: These are the four impacts that Jean Talon made on New France, they really helped new France survive populate and become successful. Thank you Jean Talon.