mehmed v.s suleiman
Updated: 11/4/2020
mehmed v.s suleiman

Storyboard Text

  • Mehmed the conqueror vs Suleiman the magnificent
  • I was the best ruler of the ottoman empire!
  • mehmed taking down constantinople
  • Fire!!!!
  • smart but hard work by mehmed ll
  • Blade Paty-7th grade
  • suleiman's conquests
  • One way Mehmed ll took down constantinople was by blasting the walls of the city for months. he would have hundreds of cannons lined up and fire at the cities thick barrier, this was a struggling tactic because it would take 3 hours to reload them which left time for them to repair their walls.
  • acheivments
  • there was this huge chain in the water ways of constantinople that wouldn't allow boats to pass through so Mehmed thought of a good idea to push the boats up a hill using logs and then push the boats down the hill to get over the chain. Which led to a victory by the ottomans.
  • who is the winner??
  • He didn't waste any time building his military and taking over His first campaigns were against the Christian kingdoms of eastern Europe. He conquered Belgrade in 1521, Rhodes in 1522-3, and defeated Hungarian forces at the decisive Battle of Mohács in 1526, he was a conquering machine!
  • suleiman also created a very strong economy for the ottoman empire, and also made a new legal code. he also reworked the tax system, built schools, and supported the arts.
  • new law
  • In some cases mehmed is better, in others suleiman is better.....But i believe the winner is suleiman!!!!!