English Timeline
Updated: 9/11/2020
English Timeline

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  • Ithaca at Last
  • I'm ready.
  • The Loyal Swineherd
  • Have you ever met Odysseus?
  • I don't know much about Odysseus.
  • Father and Son
  • Father?
  • You know who I am.
  • Odysseus returns home to Ithaca. Athena then disguised Odysseus as an old begger man. "Athena stroked Odysseus with her wand. She shriveled the supple skin on his lithe limbs," Page 300.
  • The Beggar-King of Ithaca
  • How dare you insult me?!?
  • Odysseus (disguised as beggar) heads to see Eumaeus. They share stories and Eumaeus offers Odysseus (disguised) to stay. Eumaeus said as he welcomes Odysseus, "Every stranger and beggar comes from Zeus and whatever scrap they get from the likes of us, they'll find it welcome. That's the best we can do," Page 303.
  • Odysseus Strings His Bow
  • Telemachus and Odysseus meet again after so long. Athena removes Odysseus disguise for a little bit, so father and son and can be together again. "And with those words Odysseus kissed his son and the tears streamed down his cheeks and wet the ground,though before he'd always reined his emotions back." Page 344.
  • The Great Rooted Bed
  • It's really me. I'm home.
  • Is it really you?
  • Irus, Arnaeus( another beggar) insults Odysseus and they start to fight. It becomes very physical and Odysseus ends up winning. "and Irus hurled a fist at Odysseus' right shoulder as he came through with a hook below the ear, pounding Irus' neck, smashing the bones inside." Page 378.
  • Penelope holds a competition with Odysseus' bow to see who her suitor will be. Odysseus (disguised) gets his bow and is able to shoot through twelve axes. "So with his virtuoso ease Odysseus strung his mighty bow. Quickly his right hand plucked the string to test its pitch." Page 437.
  • Odysseus (undisguised) and Penelope are finally reunited. Penelope is worried the gods are tricking her and asks a servant to move her bed. Odysseus says the bed is immovable because it was built rooted in the house. Penelope was sure it was him. "Who could move my bed? Impossible task, even for some craftsman-" Page 461.