Updated: 6/9/2020
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  • EcholocationBy: Luiza Cardoso de Araujo
  • Bats use echolocation to find food and to steer clear of obstacles
  • Some whales can communicate with other whales by using sounds similar to those used to echo locate
  • Whales can use echolocation to detect predators
  • Whales also use echolocation to hunt for food
  • Bats use echolocation by making chirping noises and listening for the echos and depending on the way the echo comes back it can find food and get away from obstacles
  • Humans can hear frequencies from 20 to 20,000 waves per second while bats can hear above 100,000 waves per second
  • whale use echolocation by using tiny volumes of air to produce very powerful clicking noises which they use to echo locate
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