Section B
Updated: 2/4/2021
Section B

Storyboard Text

  • What We need is a Bill of Rights!
  • We Don't Need the Bill of Rights
  • How is it not needed!
  • In the State of nature all people are equal. Therefore the Bill of Rights is not needed
  • The Bill of Rights is needed because there is a clear distinction between state and the U.S Constitution
  • Additionally the State Bill of Rights offer no protection to the people!
  • We still don't need them!
  • You see Mr. Antifederalist the State also has the power to regulate personal lives as well. So the Bill of Rights is very important!
  • I still disagree. Your points are valid but I'm much too stubborn to lose!
  • Finally, the U.S government has only restricted the powers of the states slightly. Adding a Bill of Rights will allow the citizens to rights that cannot be taken away by the States.
  • Wow that's a really good point...