Updated: 2/14/2020
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  • Grendel Grendel goes to the Mead-Hall and attacks everyone there, causing countless death.
  • "Killing as often as he could, comingAlone, bloodthirsty and horrible."
  • Theme: Good vs.Evil
  • "May purge all evil from this hall. I have heard,Too, that the monster’s scorn of men Is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none.Nor will I. "
  • Beowulf Hrougthgar sends for Beowulf and asks him for help with the Grendel problem.
  • Theme: Rulers Obligation
  • "He twisted in pain,And the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder Snapped, muscle and bone split And broke. The battle was over, Beowulf Had been granted new glory: Grendel escaped,But wounded as he was could flee to his den,His miserable hole at the bottom of the marsh,Only to die, to wait for the end Of all his days."
  • The Battle With Grendel Beowulf hunts down Grendel and fights him. Beowulf wins in the end by cutting off Grendel's arm. Grendel gets away but bleeds to death.
  • Themes: Good vs. Evil, Heroic Code, and Bravery
  • Grendel's Mother Grendel's mother goes to Mead-hall seeking revenge for her son's death. She causes a lot of damage and death, including the death of Beowulf's closest friend.
  • Theme: Revenge
  • "Running to the moors, discovered, but her supper Assured, sheltered in her dripping claws.She’d taken Hrothgar’s closest friend,The man he most loved of all men on earth;She’d killed a glorious soldier, cut A noble life short. "
  • "And then, savage, now, angry And desperate, lifted it high over his head And struck with all the strength he had left,Caught her in the neck and cut it through,Broke bones and all."
  • The Battle With Grendel's Mother Beowulf goes off with the Danes and Geats to Grendel's mother's home. With challenge, Beowulf fights Grendel's mother and wins.
  • Themes: Denying Defeat, Heroic Code, Bravery, and Good vs. Evil
  • The Death of Beowulf For Beowulf's last battle, he fights a dragon. Beowulf wins and kills the dragon but with the the sacrifice of his own life. He made Wiglaf, the only loyal soldier by his side, the new king.
  • Themes: Death and Loyalty
  • “You’re the last of all our far-flung family.Fate has swept our race away,Taken warriors in their strength and led them To the death that was waiting. And now I follow them.”
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