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Updated: 3/11/2021
2 story

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  • march 10 1848
  • phew im so tired we have been walking for 6 hours we need some place to rest
  • yea how about over there dixie?
  • a few days later
  • awe look Charli a dog and its a boy
  • we should call him rebbel but come on its getting late
  • one day later
  • Zzzzzzzzz
  • march 10 1848 Charli and her sister Dixie, decided to go to califorina to get money, to get a wagon also to live a better life and be apart of the gold rush but since they had walking for 6 hours they decided to rest at some place.
  • a few days later
  • we have been digging for 2 hours and its getting late we should head out
  • march 12 1848 Charli and Dixie found a dog on there way to califorina and named it rebbel they had 4 more hours to get to caliiforina so had to run along.
  • a week later
  • me too!
  • march 13 Dixie and Charli made it to califorina they had to get some rest for the next morning to go dig for gold for the poineers and of course for them.
  • the next day
  • now that we have a house lets go get a wagon and food.
  • yeah we should go get a wagon and food im starving.
  • march 14 1848 Charli and Dixie were digging for 2 hours but could not find any gold so they decided to go home cuz it was getting dark and they had no luck that day.
  • ok yeah i kinda tired
  • the next day march 15 Charli and Dixie were digging for gold after 6 hours of digging Charli and Dixie Struck gold a whole pile of gold they were so happy that they had got a whole pile of gold.
  • march 16 Charli and Dixie bought a house and a wagon and food but march 16 1848 Charli and Dixies life had changed they had everything to survive.