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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Do you know that healthy relationships has a positive impact to our health?
  • Really, doc? What is the impact of healthy relationships to our health?
  • Healthy relationships can help us live longer happily and it will also help us to avoid having mental health problems.
  • oooohh, now I know. I want to know more!
  • It can also help us develop our skills and boost our confidence in different aspects.
  • I will make sure that I will try my best to have a healthy relationship with everyone that I know.
  • Our self esteem will also be increasing and if we meet other people, we will have a more trusting and cooperative relationships.
  • Plus! This will help us strengthen our immune system, this will help us recover from disease, and this may even lengthen our lives.
  • Thank you for the wonderful information about the impacts of healthy relationships to our health, doc! I now learned different things on how I will be able to look forward on having healthy relationships with my family and friends. Thank you!
  • You're welcome, Rafael! 'til our next meeting! I will teach you a lot more soon. Take care!
  • From what I've learned from Doc Jay, I will start having a healthy relationship to my family so that me and my family could implement having healthy relationship to other people as well by being a role model. This will help improve the health of other people by simply being a healthy and non toxic person towards them.