Updated: 5/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • these could be the key to my dad's invention
  • that's alright just rest now
  • I stole your shoes
  • then a teammate told me about Sploosh.
  • if only, if only. the moon speaks no reply...
  • Oone day Stanley Yelnats was walking home from school when a pair of shoes hit him on the head. He thought this could help his dad but it didn't it only got him sent to Camp Green Lake.
  • At Camp Green Lake Zero left and Stanley was worried so he went after him. Stanley found him but he wasn't well so Stanley carried him up a mountain and there they found water and onions.
  • Stanley and Zero got to go home after they walked back to Camp Green Lake where Stanley's lawyer took both of the boys home. Now there was a party at Stanley's place where everyone celebrated their success.