The Philippines
Updated: 4/23/2020
The Philippines
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  • The Republic of Philippines' capital is Manila. Their currency is the Philippine Peso. One Philippine Peso is equivalent to 0.02 U.S. dollars.
  • The Mayon Volcano located there is famous for its perfect cone shape and more 'frequent' eruptions. The last eruption was in 2018!
  • Their economy is based on services, agriculture and light industry. They are also the second largest coconut producer.
  • The Philippines have a republic government. Their presidents are elected at 6 year terms and can't run for president again.
  • But the tropical climate brings nice and warm weather. The temperature mostly stays at 80 degrees Fahrenheit.Although, the humidity would do a number on your hair!
  • The Philippines are made up of 7,641 islands. There used to be a ton of rain forests, but -because of illegal logging- only 10% of it is left!
  • The U.S. also has a strong ties to their culture. We even have some military bases there still. They love our music and clothes.
  • Filipino culture is influenced by the Spanish because the Spanish colonized there for about 3 centuries. They were forced to have Spanish surnames and they still do.
  • Don't forget the other 723 other bird species! They also have 210 different mammals. Unfortunately, they have 418 threatened animal species and 97 endangered plant species.
  • The Philippine Eagle, native to the Philippines, are sometimes called 'Monkey-Eating Eagles', for obvious reasons. They also eat lemurs, snakes and bats. They are an endangered species.
  • So, who colonized the Philippines until they became independent. Also, how did they get their independence.
  • The Spanish was the first. They were looking to expand their empire and turn the people there to Christianity. During WWII, they sold the Philippines to the U.S. for $20 million because of the treaty.
  • Japan invaded in 1941, but the U.S. drove them out. The U.S. gave them independence in July 4, 1946.
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