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Plessy V. ferguson
Updated: 10/17/2020
Plessy V. ferguson
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  • Plessy Vs Ferguson
  • Separate but Equal!
  • He's Wrong!
  • How it all started
  • Then You Shouldn't Be Here!
  • Guess What! Im Black!
  • Homers Punishment
  • By the ruling of the court... Homer Plessy you are Guilty!
  • This is completly Unconstitutional!
  • 1896
  • Off To (Supreme) Court
  • In 1892, a man named Homer Plessy sat in the white area of a train. he looked white so no one said anything. Plessy then announced that he was a black. Whites told him to go to the black area but he refused. he was then put in jail overnight
  • The Decision
  • You guys are crazy!
  • What?
  • Plessy was convicted by Judge John H. Ferguson in a New Orleans court for violating the 1890 law.
  • The Unforunate Consequences
  • Whites Only
  • Blacks Only
  • Plessy then filed at petition against Judge Ferguson claiming that the law violated the 14th Amendment
  • Plessy Vs Ferguson
  • The Supreme Court decided that what Ferguson did was actually constitutional (with only one judge disagreeing)
  • The Plessy v. Ferguson Verdict helped lead to many other segregated facilities
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