The Monkey's Paw
Updated: 1/22/2021
The Monkey's Paw

Storyboard Text

  • The characters are Sergeant-Major Morris, Mr. White, Mrs. White, and Herbert White. At the White's house in England late 1800 and the overall tone suspenseful and evil Morris tells everyone about a monkey's paw. Mr. White wants to keep it but Morris warns them repeatedly that no good can come from the wishes.
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  • The first type of conflict is Man vs. Fate. Mr. White now has the paw and is tempted to use it. The second type of conflict is Man vs. Self. Mr. White is torn between helping his family and interfering with fate again.
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  • After keeping the paw Herbert jokes that Mr. White should wish for money to pay off the house. Mr. White wished for 200 pounds, but as a price Herbert dies the next day. After Herbert dies Mrs. White becomes insane and try to get Mr. White to wish him alive again.
  • Once again it doesn't come true instantly, but later that night something comes knocking at the door. Mr. White thinks it's not his son at the door and fears it. Mrs. White is trying to let IT in. So Mr. White goes looking for the paw
  • Mrs. White is to short to get the last lock, so she ask Mr. White for help. Mrs. White is getting a chair to reach the final lock. Mr. White finds the paw and makes one last wish and the knocking stops.
  • Mrs. White opens the door and nothing is there. Mr. White runs down to her after she lets out a wail of disappointment. A flickering street lamp shone on an empty and deserted road.