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Updated: 1/31/2019
social project

Storyboard Text

  • The Spanish Reconquista (Part 1)
  • The Spanish Inquisition(Part 1)
  • Are you a heretic!
  • No, I am not, sir.
  • All non-catholic people will be punished if results are negative!
  • The Spanish Exploration(Part 1)
  • You will find us new land and discover trade routes to Asia. You will bring us back gold!
  • Granada was a region controlled by the Moors, who were a Muslim group from North Africa, until January 2, 1492 when they surrendered and the Spanish Monarchy defeated them.
  • The Spanish Reconquista(Part 2)
  • We havecontrol now..
  • And now we'll be united with one true religion!
  • After Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand claimed Granada from the Moors, they hired the Roman Catholic Church to examined all people to see whether they were true catholics.
  • The Spanish Inquisition(Part 2)
  • Are you a heretic!?
  • The Spanish Monarchy wanted new land and discover new trade routes to Asia. They hired an Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus.
  • The Spanish Exploration(Part 2)
  • God, Gold, and Glory!
  • After the Moors' defeat, and they surrendered under the Spanish Monarchy, Queen Isabella thought that everyone in their kingdom would be united and superior if everyone followed one religion. King Ferdinand believed they controlled everybody.
  • Inquisitors would yell 'Are you a heretic" to any non-catholic people. Meaning whether they believed in God or not, or if they were against the religion. Men or women would either say no or admit that they are. If there were any non-catholic people, they would be punished with torture or death. 
  • Yes...I am...
  • After many days sailing the seas, Columbus and his crew were able to reach the Caribbean and bring back gold for Spain. The saying , 'God, Gold, and Glory' portrays the desire for the Columbus, during the exploration. 'God' is the desire to spread Christianity. 'Gold' is the achievement for wealth and riches. 'Glory' means power and a greater empire.