Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • ME-RILEY and Morgan.
  • Equiano
  • Why was your village so worried about kidnappers?
  • Our village was targeted by people who waned to kidnap innocent kids to sell for a profit.
  • What was it like living with a rich merchant?
  • Although it wasn't home it was the place I felt most loved in a long time.
  • You were moved around a lot as a child what made the ship different.
  • The people were different. The language spoken there was different it just wasn't what i was used to. It was a very terrifying experience,
  • Why did you believe the white people to be magic?
  • The way the ship moved and halted to a stop was foreign to us and we believed it to be magic.
  • What was being directly in the slave market like?
  • It was rich white folk running around pick the slaves they wanted and not caring about the damage they were doing to the families of the slaves that they were buying.