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Updated: 2/10/2021
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  • The Judiciary act of 1789 organized the federal court, caused there to be 1 chief justice and 5 other justices and most importantly, gave the supreme court the power to enforce presidential appointment.
  • Would you like to hear about the Judiciary Act of 1789 passed by Congress in 1789 and when it was declared unconstitutional by the federal government?
  • Sir, I am a paid minimum wage . I don't want to do this.
  • The court decided that Marbury has the rights to his job, but they would not make Madison give him his papers as they decided the law was unconstitutional. This was the first time they had used the power of Judicial review.
  • John Adams had just appointed Marbury as Justice of Peace at the end of his term.
  • You get a new job!
  • Yay!
  • So, Marbury never got his job as this law broke the constitution which called for a separation of powers. It broke this by having the executive branch and Judicial branch come together. This means that the supreme court used the power of judicial review to remove or change this law.
  • Jefferson (On the left) did not want marbury to get his papers as he was a federalist, so he told Madison (On the right) to get rid of them
  • Do NOT deliver Marbury his papers. Get rid of them.
  • Nom.
  • Marbury wanted the Supreme court to use their power to enforce presidential appointments so he could get his job papers from Madison.
  • Use your Power!
  • No, I don't think I will. You have the rights to the job though.
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  • Are you going to order?