Spanish–American War
Updated: 1/15/2021
Spanish–American War

Storyboard Text

  • Cuban Rebellion
  • U.S.S. Maine Explosion
  • McKinley's role in peace
  • During this time Valeriano Weyler Started these concentration camps and it was very unsanitary and roughly two hundred thousand people died because of disease that rats carried.
  • U.S. Demands to Spain
  • Spain needs to stop concentration camps!
  • The U.S.S. Maine was a war ship the caught on fire and exploded and killed 250 American sailors and America blamed Spain for the explosion.
  • Treaty of Parris
  • President McKinley's role in peace was to keep America safe and out of wars.
  • Territory gained by the U.S.
  • Spain needs to let Cuba be a free country
  • U.S. Demands to Spain to stop the concentration camps, Cuba needs to be a free country and for Spain to pay for the U.S.S. Maine but Spain didn't agree for Cuba to be a free country
  • Spain needs to pay for the damages for the U.S.S. Maine
  • The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris because it was where no war would break loose the signing ended the Spanish American war.
  • Treaty Of Paris This will end all war
  • The U.S. Gained Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines In an exchange for 20 million dollars.