The Monroe Doctrine by Alex Pratt Period 2 Blue
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Monroe Doctrine by Alex Pratt Period 2 Blue

Storyboard Text

  • On December 2, 1823, President James Monroe presented his new doctrine during the State of the Union address.
  • "Tell us more, President Monroe!"
  • "As part of my State of the Union address, I would like to bring up two important points,"
  • The Monroe Doctrine, as it was later called, was made up of two points. The first was that the U.S. would not allow European countries to start new colonies or interfere with independent countries in North or South America.
  • "Stay out of the Americas!"
  • The second part of the Monroe Doctrine stated that the U.S. would not interfere with existing European colonies and not get involved in conflicts between European countries.
  • "We will stay out of your business if you stay out of ours!"
  • The reason for the Monroe Doctrine was that Monroe was nervous that the European nations would try again to establish power in the Americas.
  • "You all need to stay on your side of the Atlantic and leave the Americas to us."
  • The Monroe Doctrine had a long lasting impact on how the United States handled relations with foreign nations.
  • The Monroe Doctrine will help us fight communism in the Americas!
  • Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan were all influenced by the Monroe Doctrine and used it for foreign policy.