Socials Explorers Vignette
Updated: 2/17/2021
Socials Explorers Vignette

Storyboard Text

  • we're almost there!
  • Hillary was the first to step foot on this 8,849 m tall peak, making him the first person to reach the summit of Mt.Everest
  • After 16 days of extreme trekking through the snow, Hillary and Norgay finally arrived at the summit of Mt.Everest
  • Everest, here we come...
  • Once at the top, they could only stay for a few minutes as the air is to thin for their bodies to function
  • Lhotse
  • Looks like colonel John Hunt lead us in the right direction!
  • They checked their carefully pre-planned route to make sure they were still on track
  • South Col
  • Mt.Everest
  • Western Cwm
  • Khumbu Ice Fall
  • Nuptse
  • throw me a rope would ya?
  • Not to long after, the two began their trek down the mountain hoping to inspire many others in their path
  • Their tech/gear - O2 tanks, Ice axes, 30 lbs packs, Alpine climbing harness, Yaks, Ropes, Ladders, Trekking poles
  • okay but don't forget about the ladder
  • we're gonna go down in history!
  • we finally made it!!
  • hurry up and take the photo, I'm going to run out of O2
  • im trying, next time we should bring more than one bottle of O2
  • we're gonna become a legacy!
  • I can't wait to inspire other explorers to take risks and be brave