Story bored one

Updated: 1/9/2019
Story bored one

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  • Conflict/Exposition
  • Rising Action 1
  • Rising Action 2
  • Kevin and Erin were married but Kevin constantly abused Erin. Kevin was also an alcoholic. He abused her for no reason at all, all the time because to him she always did something wrong. Erin was done being abused so she decided to take little portions of money at a time for a year and within that year she saved up enough to leave.
  • Climax
  • One weekend while Kevin had to leave on a work trip she decided that that would be the time to leave. As soon as he left she packed a bag and left to the bus station. He called her frequently but she hooked up the phone she bought to the house number to talked to him if he called. After she bought the ticket she got on the bus and left the phone.
  • Falling Actions
  • Erin had many jobs along the way and many different names. Until she reached South Port. She decided to settle down there. She changed her name to Katie and got a permanent job. After a while of being there, she met someone that she could finally trust. His name was Alex and he has two kids, his wife died a couple years earlier. But Katie still worried.
  • Resolutions
  • After Kevin got back from work he noticed she left. It took him a long time to find where she went but he finally tracked her down. He was furious and didn't know if he wanted to hit her until she died or bring her home. He drove none stop until he got to her city. He knew that he had caught her but didn't know to find her in the city. 
  • He went to her work and asked around until someone told him where she lived. She wasn't there though because she was with Alex. Katie, Alex, and the kids went to this carnival by the beach. That's where Kevin found them. He didn't do anything there because he knew people would jump in and help Katie, Alex, and the kids, so he waited for a better time.
  • Kevin followed them home. Later Alex had to leave to do something so Kevin knew this was a perfect time. He set the house of fire with Katie and the kids inside. They got out safely but Kevin still went after Katie. She put up a good fight and got the kids safe. Soon Alex came back, called the cops, and Kevin, unfortunately, died due to him and Katie wrestling over the gun.