Rome's Beginning
Updated: 2/3/2021
Rome's Beginning

Storyboard Text

  • waaaaaa!
  • Ahhhh!
  • zzzzz
  • Hi new mama!
  • ........
  • I will do what I must.
  • You will try.
  • A latin princess gave birth to two sons, she never had children. Since she broke her words she was punished, so she had to leave Romulus and Remus to die on a flooding river.
  • The two brothers Romulus and Remus were found by a she wolf, and that she wolf was their new mother, she fed them and took care of them. But then a shepard saw them and grabbed the boys and they became the shepards son.
  • Now I shall be king in the future Remus.
  • Romulus claimed that he was to become king, so Romulus and Remus fought.
  • I knew this day would happen! HahahaHa!!
  • They were fighting about being the king because they thought that being nicer or stronger was the better king.
  • But it came to a end where Remus was defeated and told his dead body he is the king.
  • And it was true, Romulus became king and ruled the Roman Empire.