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Updated: 12/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • This is our territory!
  • The price in sugar needs to be lowered!
  • No taxation without representation!
  • Lower Taxes!
  • The Proclomation of 1763 was a made by the British to get more land after the French Indian war. There was a line that split off where the colonists had to stay and they did not listen.
  • Lower the taxes!
  • The sugar and stamp act was a law that raised the taxes on sugar and stamps. This made the citizens very mad and so they boycotted to lower the tax back down on sugar.
  • Theyre getting out of control
  • No taxation without representation was they said during the American Revolution because they were getting taxed by the British so they protested
  • Dump it All!
  • The Townshed Acts were when the British Government Raised Taxes And the colonists boycotted to lower them again.
  • The Boston Massacre was when there was a riot happened and it was getting out of control. The British Soldiers opened fire on thee crowd killing many and injuring many.
  • The Boston Tea Party was when the government raised the taxes on tea. This angerd some colonists so when a tea shipment arrived they dumped all the tea.