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The Sugar Act
Updated: 10/15/2020
The Sugar Act
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This is how i think the Sugar Act looked like or acted like

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  • We need a way to get money to pay off our debts from the French and Indian war. What should we do?
  • 1764
  • I believe we should tax the colonist.
  • I agree. The colonist could help us pay off out debts.
  • The British can't do this! We didn't ask to be taxed.
  • I heard that some people decided to smuggle just so they weren't taxed.
  • We are passing a new act called the Sugar Act. It will lower the tax on the molasses imported by the colonist to try to stop smuggling. Any accused smugglers will not be sent to court and their goods will be seized by the officers.
  • The British Government issued new taxes on the colonies because the king and parliament felt the colonist should pay part of these costs.
  • Did you hear about the Sugar Act? It is violating our rights! We are British citizens!
  • We have a right to a trial by jury and to be viewed as innocent until proved guilty!
  • Some colonist resorted to smuggling to avoid taxes.
  • We have rights! Let's boycott so the British won't have any money from taxes!
  • They hoped the change would convince the colonist to pay instead of smuggling. It also allowed officers to seize goods from any accused smugglers without having to go to court.
  • Follow our rules!
  • We have rights!
  • Only our own assembles could tax us!
  • Many colonist were angered by the Sugar Act. They believed that it violated their rights.
  • People started protesting by boycotting refusing to buy. The British lost so much money.
  • The British said they have the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies.
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