Social Studies Story Board
Updated: 4/1/2021
Social Studies Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • United Nations
  • Peace not hate!
  • Cold War
  • There is going to be so much pain and devastation. I'm just going to hide.
  • Containment
  • Ok...
  • You stay in that house and no leaving. Stop your spreading of the communism disease.
  • Who do that think they are? I am never going to stop.
  • An alliance of nations that attempts to end disputes peacefully.
  • Truman Doctrine
  • Here is money and I expect that you will not fall to Communism, Greece.
  • A period of hostility between Western powers and Communist powers.
  • Marshall Plan
  • How can I help Europe and stop the spread of Communism?
  • I could help others and stop the spread of Communism by giving out loans. That seems like a great idea!
  • A foreign policy that attempts to stop the spread of Communism without ending it in countries in which it already exists.
  • Gl Bill of Rights
  • Hey Honey! I just got back from the war and the government is giving out free loans. What a miracle!
  • That's great yes...but what will happen to my job? Will I get to continue working?
  • A policy that attempted to contain the spread of communism, beginning the military aid to the monarchies of Turkey and Greece.
  • Same with you Turkey.
  • The idea that the U.S. could help rebuild war-torn Europe with loans and other economic aid.
  • (1944) a law that offered veterans money for schools, houses, farms, and businesses.
  • Daniel! I am so glad you are back and all that our great government is doing!