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Updated: 3/10/2021
story board for current issues

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  • are you guys ready to go to school? I'm going to the doctors today so your mom is going to pick you up.
  • background information: Ellie and Coopers dad and mom were separated , and cooper and Ellie where also 13
  • its 6:55am on a Tuesday and Cooper and Ellie's dad is giving them a ride to school
  • yes we are ready for school and okay
  • later that day after school .
  • your dad just texted me and said that his test results will come back in a hour.
  • okay , let us know right away whats going on with him.
  • how did he get it , he was just fine, i wonder how coopers doing
  • one hour after school ..
  • i've already told your brother the results but your dad was just diagnosed with cancer .
  • so you guys are staying with me tonight
  • a couple minuets after cooper and ellies mom broke the news
  • your dad had to go back to the hospital so they can do more test on him
  • Okay ..
  • months after Cooper and Ellie's dad got diagnosed with cancer.
  • do you want to go play on the xbox with me ?
  • later in december Ellie and Coopers dad got worse and ended up going into hospice
  • yeah i could get my mind off things
  • yeah.
  • on February 9th 2018 Ellie and Coopers dad pass away due to pancreatic cancer , and where heading to anchor in because their dad made the people plan a party after his funeral
  • are you guys ready to go get anchor ?
  • yeah.