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Updated: 10/8/2020
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  • DANG IT! I swallowed a bug!
  • we got this, I am doing so good.
  • "come on Izzy we got this!"
  • "eww!"
  • "Hi, I'm Ella Grace Schmidt and this is the story on how I swallowed a bug when running. Enjoy!"
  • "what the heck are they talking about."
  • "hahaha that's a good one."
  • "This in me starting my meet, a meet is what we call races in cross country, for anyone who did not know."
  • "I swallowed a bug."
  • "Suck it up!"
  • "It started like any normal meet, however at this meet all over the field were giant may flies. They are so gross the look like mosquitos that don't bite and are so much bigger."
  • "Then the boys decided to cheer for use in a way that made every one on our team laugh, it was an inside joke."
  • "then out of no where a bug went down my throat. I coughed and gaged but the bug would not fly out. I felt it trying to crawl out of my throat. its skinny little legs hitting against my tongue. I gaged but not because of the bug crawling out, I gaged out of disgust. the thought of a bug inside of me made my skin crawl . I told my coach and he told me to suck it up. all I wanted was water to wash it down."
  • "The meet ended and ran to my water and chugged almost 3 whole waters and still could feel it a little but for the most part it stopped."
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