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Updated: 9/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • heyy ally , my name is London! want to be friends ?
  • My day was good London how about you, and yes I really need help.
  • How was your day today ally? Did you do your want to study for the big test next week?
  • haha london that was funny
  • hahaha she said your shirt was ugly
  • hey ally that shirt is really ugly
  • Hey my name is ally this is my friend London
  • Friends listen to you and give you good advice. You will know when you can trust that person when you can tell them all your secrets and it stays between only you 2. They also help you stay out of trouble and always want to make sure you're doing the right thing.
  • A friend should N E V E R talk behind your back, make jokes toward you, never want to hang out, want you to do a bad decision. If you have a "friend" like that get RID of them.