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Updated: 10/12/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Setting the Scene
  • Introducing the Characters
  • Introducing the problem
  • A mother and her 7 year old daughter walk through the parking lot (holding hands) and head towards the pet store. The girl is skipping and smiling.
  • Presenting the Solution
  • The young child is excited to buy her new puppy a bone and toy! The mother makes a funny comment about how to not 'sqeak' too many of the dog toys.
  • Acting on the Solution
  • The young girl does not know where the dog toys are located. She looks to her mother for help finding the toy section, but the mom does not seem to know herself.
  • Highlighting the Shirt
  • The mother instructs her daughter to find help by locating a member of the staff in 'the shirt.' The daughter scans her surrounding area and spots an employee in 'a shirt' down the isle.
  • The girl tugs on the employee's shirt (because his back is turned) to get his attention. He turns, squats down, smiles, listens to what she is looking for, and walks her to the dog toy section.
  • The commercial ends with the girl smiling and holding the toy as she walks out of the store. She tells her mom how excited she is for her dog to play with the toy. Voiceover introduces Upper90 custom shirts.
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