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Homologous vs Analogous structures
Updated: 2/20/2019
Homologous vs Analogous structures
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  • Homologous structure is when two organisms have the same structure but the structures have different functions.
  • A bat and humans have similar limb structure but they preform different functions. Our hands help us grab things while a bats hands will help them fly and hang upside to sleep.
  • We both have hands!!
  • This structure is shown through many species so due to that it supports common ancestors.
  • We come from common ancestors.
  • However unlike homologous analogous structure have diffrent structure but the organisms brefore the same function.
  • We can fly!!!!!!
  • An example of this would a butterfly and a bird. They both have the ability to fly but their structures that allow them to do that are diffrent.
  • I flutter because i don't have bones. 
  • I fly using the bones in my wings.
  • This structure is different than homologous because it does not shoe common ancestry. The species this structure relates to they are too different to have decedent from the same ancestor.
  • We are not related.
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