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30 years
Updated: 9/24/2020
30 years
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  • Hapsburg rulers granted Protestant's religious tolerance even though it went against the Peace of Augsburg this would be known as the Letter of Majesty
  • I Ferdinand II revoke the Letter of Majesty as I am a Catholic, and people do not get to choose their religion
  • The defenestration of Prague occurred as a response to Ferdinand's decision, and many Catholic messangers were thrown out a window as a result
  • This is for holding us oppressed
  • It is time to teach these Protestant's that this is unacceptable, and they shall feel my wrath. They are so pathetic that they did not even kill the men they threw out the window as the angel's of God protected them
  • They really just got lucky by falling in manure.
  • On to battle to show these Protestants' their place in the world
  • You only won because Spain helped you and won the battle of White Mountain for you.
  • Yes I win the Battle of White Mountain easily, and the protestants' are crushed . No one will have the courage to undermine the SOVIRGINITY of our country
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